Welcome to the Mountain Hotel-Restaurant Emshorn in Oberems..

Our House is a cosy, small mountain hotel with a family atmosphere, in which you will feel equal. Enjoy the great views of the Northern Alps from the Rhône Valley in a quiet and relaxing location.The charming hospitality and warmth will make your stay in Oberems a consummate pleasure.


The cheese slices Emshorn is the specialty of the house, it is a 3-generation dish. Our menus are typical Swiss dishes such as Franziska's Rösti, father Herbert's Älplermaccaroni, Valais Schnitzel, etc. We like to integrate our tree of pine trees, which grows in our garden, into our dishes. We even make our own liqueur from the pines. Our company is a partner of Pfyn-Finges Nature Park and we offer a regional park menu especially for visitors.

Opening hours


Tuesday to Sunday:

9:00 am - about 9:30 pm

March to June

Tuesday to Sunday:

8:00 am -11 :00pm

July and August:

Monday to Sunday:

8:00 am -11 :00pm

September to November:

Tuesday to Sunday::

8:00 am -11 :00pm

December and January:


possibility of group requests